Based on the courthouse research, correspondence and files of Laurence B. Gardiner going back 50 or more years, compiled and supplemented by research of William C. Wooldridge in libraries and archives across the country, this work attempts to trace all Wooldridge-surname lines descending from the immigrant John Wooldridge. Members of the family have used many spellings: Wooldridge, Woolridge, Woodridge, Wooldrige, Waldridge and others. From work in the 1900 census, it appears that over 90% of adult caucasian Wooldridges/Woolridges then living in the South, old Southwest, and lower Midwest are descended from the blacksmith and are accounted for in this genealogy, as well as many Wooldridges in other parts of the country. Appendices provide skeletal data on various Wooldridge lines not descended from the blacksmith. Because the coverage tries to go down to 1900, and because the 7000 or so Wooldridges in the book are indexed by both name, and approximate date of birth or maiden name, you should be able to find your Wooldridge connection here. The book is in narrative form. In addition to the basic genealogical data, many of the entries, especially for the earlier generations, include details on migrations, war service, property ownership, vocations, and whatever else has come to light.





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